July 29-30, 2020 | Live Conference
Discover The World Of Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceuticals 2020


The UCG OCM would like to invite Pharmacist, experts, professors, students, practitioners, medical specialists, clinical scientists, technologists and other healthcare professionals to the Pharmaceuticals Utilitarian Conference going to be held in Berlin, Germany. Our main aim is to bring leading researchers, scientists, and research scholars researchers to exchange, discuss and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Pharmaceuticals. This Conference aims to provide participants working in Pharmaceuticals medicine with a venue in maintaining cutting-edge knowledge and skills in their fields including Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Smart Drug Delivery Systems, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmacognosy, Digital Pharma, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Formulations, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science and other disciplines.

We look forward to making the Conference not only a learning opportunity but also offer a destination where you can enjoy and unwind yourself before you start your work. The Pharma Conference revolves around the theme – “Discover the World of Pharmaceuticals.” By attending the Pharma conference, you will have the chance to grow both career-wise and relation wise. Your presence will be much appreciated.
Our best regards,
Chris Howie | European Life Science Specialist, UCG OCM

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Pharmaceuticals is the process of turning a new chemical entity (NCE) or old medicine into a medication to be used by patients safely. It is derived from the Greek word “pharmakeutikos” and called as the study of dosage form design. It is used in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various diseases for restoring and modifying organic functions. Pharmaceutics is the formulation of the pure drug into a dosage form. The pharmaceutical company/industry discovers, develops, produces, and market those pharmaceutical drugs to be used as medication by the patients, to cure, immunize, relieve the symptoms. The fundamental of the pharmaceutical Company/ Industry is to control or eliminate diseases around the world.

Physicians of pharmaceuticals work in the pharmaceutical industry, medical schools/universities, other authorities, and research organizations. Pharmaceuticals, medicine, and drug are words used interchangeably. Such products must be safe, good quality, effective, and are prescribed by the specialist. Pharmaceutics branches include Pharmaceutical Formulation, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Dispensing Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology. Before marketing, pharmaceutical products can take many years to process through R&D phases. One of the lengthy part of Research and development includes getting approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

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PUCG2020Berlin Speakers

Expert Committee Member, Plenary Speakers, Speakers, Delegates, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Students, Business Persons, Young Researchers, Scholars, Scientists, Lecturer, Pharmacist.

We are pleased to invite the specialist from Pharmaceuticals field to submit their abstracts at Utilitarian conferences Gathering 2020.

Explore the latest and trending innovations, technologies with our Exhibitors, sponsors, industry experts at Pharmaceutical Conference.

Utilitarian Conferences Gathering invites academicians, industry leaders, and other influential thinkers to deliver talks on Pharmaceuticals Conferences.

PUCG2020 Program
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Download Abstract template here:

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS is currently open!

Call for Abstracts is now open for the Pharmaceuticals 2020  during July 29-30, 2020 with the motto “Discover the World of Pharmaceuticals”.

Conference Key Sessions:

Pharmacology | Pharmaceutical Sciences | Pharmaceutical Biotechnology | Smart Drug Delivery Systems| Vaccine | Pharmaceutical Engineering | Quality Assurance | Pharmacognosy | Digital Pharma | Medico Marketing | R&D Advancement: Road to New Medicines | Clinical Pharmacy | Pathophysiology | Pharmaceutical Microbiology | Computer Applications in Pharmacy | Pharmacy Practice | Pharmaceutical Analysis | Pharmaceutical Chemistry | Pharmaceutical Formulations | Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science | Drug Regulations | Pharmaceutics | Industrial Pharmacy | Pharmacy Development Services | Drug Delivery Technologies | Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology | Coronavirus Impact on Pharmaceuticals

The presenting speaker/author must register and pay the registration fee (please note that registration is required in order to be included in the final program, to have the abstract published in the online “Book/proceedings” of Pharmaceuticals 2020, and to be invited to submit an abstract for publication in the official Proceedings.

To submit your abstract/research paper for an oral or poster or young research presenter contribution to Pharmaceuticals 2020, please fill your details in the abstract submission form. Once you submit your details, you can upload your abstract (format allowed: .doc / .docx / .pdf). The author account is must needed for communication purposes. Abstracts can be submitted by email. Speakers/Presenters can submit a maximum of three abstracts. All abstracts must be submitted in English. Please do not submit too many copies of the same abstract. All abstracts will be forwarded to the Scientific and Program Committee member for the review process. Once accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from our side.
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Welcome Message

Dear Professionals, Delegates, Faculty, Students, and Partners,

The International Pharmaceuticals Utilitarian Conferences Gathering provides a great platform for more than 60+ international and regional Speakers and our experts to deliver innovative speech, cutting edge talks, electrifying lectures, interactive sessions on emerging research, and live demonstrations. The UCG decided to provide a masterclass on the second day which will engage the delegates and keep them experiencing ideas throughout the conference day with interactive real patient case presentations, discussions and debates by our multidisciplinary team of Pharmaceuticals experts. In parallel, the full day Pharmaceuticals program also consists of Young Research Talent sessions and Workshops. UCG planning Pharmaceuticals Conference of 2 days, with more than 300+ delegates to participate and explore the brilliant scientific program and strolled throughout the conference accompanied medical exhibition.

UCG would like to extend the invitation and registration open for all. Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin, Germany.

Conference Highlights
  • 15 CME Hours
  • Live Sessions
  • One on One meet with Experts and Investors on Demand.
  • Showcase of new Products
  • Certification of Recognitions
  • Industrial Exhibitions
  • Meet your Academic idols
  • Hear about latest research
  • Engage in High level debates & Q/A
  • Networking for future collaboration
  • Publication with DOI
  • Add Research Value
  • Socialization and exploring new places
  • Berlin sight seeing
  • Employment Bureau
  • Networking Sessions
  • Conference souvenir bag
  • Pre connect dinner
  • Lunch & Coffee breaks
  • Accommodation 2/3 nights (on request)
  • Shuttle bus service
  • Free Wi-Fi
Presentation Guidelines

UCG invites you to submit ‘Presentation’ for the Pharmaceuticals International Conference. To submit a presentation, please go through the instructions below.

  • Presentations are required for all Sessions.
  • Presentations must be submitted in English.
  • To access all the sessions presenting author must register as an active participant at the conference at the latest 14 days after acceptance of an abstract.
  • UCG reserves the right to exclude any abstract from the scientific program that is not followed by a participant registration at the latest 14 days after notification on acceptance.
  • The Expert Committee will review the abstracts submitted.
  • Notification of acceptance or rejection of the abstract will be sent to all presenters.
  • The responsibility of all investigators that all studies are performed with respect to national legislation, international legislation and ethical guidelines both with regards to humans and animals.
  • Kindly confirm that your email address (submitter and presenting author) is correct as it will be used for contacting you after the review process.
Venue @ Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the largest city in Germany. It is a city of Freedom, and It is a place where something interesting is always going on. It is a city of science, culture, politics, and media. People going for a long weekend, a week or even months are scrambling for time to visit all the places in this vibrant city. This city is a combo of grit and glamour is bound to mesmerize all those who want to explore its fantastic food, parties, vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, and history.

Berlin has historical monuments like The Brandenburg Gate, Rebuilt Reichstag, Museum Island, Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie, Charlottenburg Palace and Park, Gendarmenmarkt, Jewish Museum Berlin, Grosser Tiergarten, and the Victory Column, Berlin Cathedral Church, Zoological Gardens which are vibrant and adds glory of the most magnificent spectacular culture.

Berlin, the German capital, is famous for its remarkable assortment of attractions, it’s thriving cultural scene and a lifestyle that is both quick-paced and relaxed. The sights of Berlin – from the Brandenburg Gate to the Federal Chancellery – recount to the account of the entire nation.

These days, individuals seek Berlin for the latest trends in lifestyle, art, and music. Inspired by this overflowing creativity, artists are arriving in this city from around the globe, making it one of the most exciting destinations of Europe. Berlin likewise has a casual vibe and lots of open spaces for a much-needed breath of fresh air. No city in Germany is greener than Berlin with its lakes, forests and woods, lakes sprawling parks. Berlin has become the most popular location of International film productions. The city is outstanding for its celebrations, nightlife, diverse architecture, a better quality of living.

“To see the past, visit Rome. To see the future, travel to Berlin.”

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