13th Digital Pharmaceutical Innovations Exhibition & Congress | May 14-16, 2025 in San Francisco, US
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July 15th, 2024

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Exhibitor Opportunities
  • Position your organization as a worldwide Brand
  • Showcase your Technologies, Products, Services and Solutions throughout the conference.
  • Network With International Senior Decision Makers In The Digital Pharma Industry
  • Build A Significant Database Of Leads
  • Reinforce Existing Relationships With Your Clients
  • Put your business/products/services front and centre on a 3*3-meter product showcase table space.
  • Your Organization’s name and logo will potentially be used during these outreach campaigns
  • Educate The Market About Your Latest Technology, Products And Services
  • Establish Joint Ventures And Partnerships With International/National Companies
  • Meet Distributors And Resellers From All Over The World
  • Launch New Products And Services To An Engaged Audience
  • Stay Abreast Of The Industry’s Latest Trends And Advancements And Keep Ahead Of Your Competition
  • To educate your customers about any upcoming upgrades or releases
  • Opportunity to generate awareness, and boost the perceived image of your business.
  • More exposure for an Exhibitor through interaction with attendees (Pathologists, Researchers, residents)

UCG will bring together more Head decision-makers, more diverse innovative professionals, and more efficient opportunities to engage than ever before. We invite you to consider the sponsorship levels of engagement.

  • Two sponsorship levels (Prime and Gold) are available to promote your brand and showcase new products, services to UCG Participants.
  • Two levels of Exhibitor are Prime and Gold

Hundreds of exhibitors, ranging from established tech giants to nimble startup companies, attend the event. The exhibit floor is where you can try out new products and services, as well as attend educational sessions on hot topics in specialty areas.

WHY EXHIBIT/SPONSOR 13th Digital Pharmaceutical Innovations Exhibition & Congress from May 14-16, 2025 in San Francisco, United States

Global, Long-standing Portfolios

We deliver a high-level informative and educational program to a community of change-makers, leaders, professionals, industrialists, business

We Do the Leg Work regularly

With several months of pre-conference digital marketing activity and a one of a kind delegate acquisition team, we are exposing you to an opportunity to fill your organization’s pipeline with qualified leads

Networking at the Conference That Turns into Deals

UCG has built a large executive level community of influencers and actual decision-makers. You’ll engage yourself in networking that can lead to long-lasting business relationships.

Drive revenue through high quality exhibiting, speaking opportunities for your brand

It is time to focus on how you can stand out from your competitors.

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Why Exhibit at PharmaConferences?
  • Market to key influencers and decision-makers before, during, and after the event.
  • Stay top-of-mind for customers who make and influence decision making for the purchase of products and services.
  • Engage with attendees and ‘meet’ one-on-one throughout the conference.
  • IMPROVE YOUR BRAND IMAGE BY DEMONSTRATING THOUGHT LEADERSHIP. The advantages of connecting your company with this high-profile event are numerous, ranging from increased market exposure to the generation of high-quality sales leads.
  • ENGAGE THE LARGIEST AND MOST QUALIFIED AUDIENCE OF SENIOR HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATORS AND INDUSTRY LEADERS. The Healthcare Project Delivery Conference brings together the largest number of eligible prospects in one place at one time, allowing you to get the most out of your marketing budget.
  • BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER THE EVENT, CAPTURE QUALIFIED LEAD. Excellent chance for lead generation at a minimal cost and with a wide reach. As participants explore the show floor and visit your booth, the Healthcare Project Delivery Conference will give actionable marketing data.
  • AN UNIQUE PROGRAM: The Healthcare Project Delivery Conference agenda brings together leading hospital administrators and project delivery specialists like no other. Leading practitioners will speak about the most critical industry issues and share firsthand experiences and best practises. Your company will be connected with high-quality material, putting it on the cutting edge of industry thought leadership.

13DPIUCG2025 Conference is the perfect platform for you to showcase your latest products and services to Pharma and trade visitors.


Exhibitors and partners get significant digital and printed brand exposure before, during and after the event through our year-round marketing activities.

Email us to know more benefits about Exhibitor/sponsor benefits


Conference Website, Email, Social Media Benefits:

  • Prominent logo placement and acknowledgement as an Exhibitor on the conference website homepage.
  • 400-word company profile on the conference website.
  • Promotional Videos linked to the conference website.
  • Brochures/flyers available for download from the conference website.
  • Logo and acknowledgement as Platinum Exhibitor on all conference materials including PDFs and broadcast emails.
  • Dedicated Tweet from 13DPIUCG2025 acknowledging Exhibitor.
  • Discounted Advertising opportunities.
  • Recognition in all on-site program materials.

Exclusive Benefits:

Regular updates and extensive program and speaker information will ensure delegates will be visiting regularly – seeing your logo each time.

  • A sponsorship item from the corresponding level from the list below.
  • Organization Logo (Prime and Gold level sponsorship) or a listing (Silver level sponsorship) on the website sponsor page, on on-site signage, and on on-site screens at the opening ceremony session and awards lunch.
  • Post-conference registration attendees list sent immediately after the UCG Conference.
  • May indicate new product or service on the UCG Conference website.
  • May host a Learning Lounge presentation (included for Platinum & Gold Sponsors).

Prime and Gold Level Sponsorship Additional Benefits

  • Logo on the UCG Conference homepage.
  • The Company and Organization Name will be listed on emails to Conference attendees.
  • Recognition in posts feeds with links to your website.
  • May give one Learning Lounge presentation at no charge.
  • Conference Registration Bags – Display your Company, organization’s name, or logo with the UCG logo on each bag available at registration.
  • Badge Lanyards – The most visible opportunity; badge lanyards as attendees will wear it throughout the conference. Your organization, the Company logo, will be imprinted on the badge lanyards alongside UCG logo.
  • Cooling Towels – Your organization, Company logo will be imprinted on cooling towels alongside UCG.
  • Live & On-Demand Videos – Reach both on-site attendees and attendees who cannot attend the conference in person. UCG plans to live stream the conference sessions and will offer on-demand access to these recorded sessions post-conference. Your Company will receive brand advertising by updating it front and end of the recorded sessions that will be uploaded on our YouTube Channels and available on UCG promotional and informational webpages prior or during the conference. Off-site attendees will have access to the live stream and post-conference recordings and in-person attendees will have access to the post-conference videos.
  • Water Bottles – Keep UCG attendees hydrated by providing them water bottles as they check-in at the conference. You can choose to provide individual water bottles to the UCG attendees, which they can refill. It can be individually branded, and UCG will thank the sponsor during the Closing Ceremony.
  • Wi-Fi – Free internet access is mostly requested by UCG attendees to stay connected with their families, colleagues, and do their other important tasks. As a Wi-Fi Sponsor, your company logo will be displayed when some try to log onto the internet.


  • Gift to your attendees in Exhibit Hall: You can provide napkins or a gift with your company logo ($20 or less) at your Company’s expense.
  • Notepads – To write down the important information, attendees use Notepads. As a sponsor, your organization logo will be imprinted on each page of the notepad, along with the UCG logo.
  • Dinner – You can give a pre-conference dinner to UCG attendees, and your organization logo will be displayed during the Opening Ceremony.

1. Maximize your Reach; UCG uses various platforms to promote conferences, including social media, UCG websites, email campaigns, and engage worldwide audiences. When you choose to sponsor a conference, you are not just advertising to its UCG attendees but also harnessing the rest of their following and viewers. Your Company’s name and logo will more than likely be mentioned in all these situations, which is incredibly beneficial for your credibility.
Credibility; By sponsoring an event, you will not only show authority and a sense of achievement, thus giving credibility in your relevant industry. UCG Attendees will see and have a closer look at your brand throughout the conference in the easiest way, and they can come and find you to learn more about your organization. You are not only showcasing your product, but you will be given a chance to speak and host a workshop, what better way to showcase about your organization?
Harness your target market; You can gain awareness from hundreds, thousands of people in your target area or field who you can build a stronger and long-lasting relationship by acquiring new customers.
2. Brand Repositioning; Another vital point is to reposition your brand in your target audience’s minds potentially, and it can be impactful for the brand image. By collaborating with certain brands, you can portray your business image in a different light.
Influence & Perception; Brands need to be actively involved in activities to stay connected with this generation.

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