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What is the omicron virus?
While there is a decline curve in the spread of coronavirus by the time another deadliest virus has taken over the globe. It was firstly reported to the WHO on 24 of November 2021, after that it was named by WHO as Omicron. According to the researchers, the Omicron virus is the variant of SARS-CoV-2 which causes covid-19.

Omicron Virus Symptoms;
A South African doctor who was the first to suspect the omicron virus has reported some experience as she noticed in her patients is the symptoms of the newly born omicron variant were so far casual and could be treated at home. Still, some of the experts have warned that it could be the deadliest and more powerful virus ever existed.
The lady Dr. Angelique Coetzee has told that she noticed the symptoms in a young male who is about 30 years old whom she knew to be very healthy. The patient was very tired as well as suffered from body aches and pain with a mild headache. She noticed no cough or loss in smell or taste. Although the doctor was speaking about her experience with her small group of patients and not making any general comments about what other patients can feel or experience.

The severity of the disease 
There is no clear data available to the researchers whether the infection with omicron caused more severe disease compared to all other variants, including delta but the preliminary data report that the rates of increasing hospitalization in South Africa are very high. But this could be the overall number of infected people rather than specifically infected by the omicron virus. While the exact symptoms and level of danger of the omicron virus may take several days, weeks, or can be months to explore. Hence general prevention and preliminary measure is always the key. 

How pharmaceutical companies are responding?
While the vaccines are successfully capable to hold up the Covid 19 virus and its all other variants so far. But in the omicron case, pharma companies are saying to modify the doses if necessary.

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